SEO is a process in which a website can be ranked high on search engines by making small alterations to the internal and external structure of a website for the selected keywords or keyword phrases.

This document will tell you in details about the steps to be taken in order to rank your website on the major search engines. It is important because the majority of the web traffic is driven through these search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing. Moreover, seo helps in making your website more user friendly. Therefore, if one follows the best seo practices, it will be much easier for search engine to crawl and index your website.

SEO decision about a particular website should be taken based on the fact, like what things should be done to attract and retain users to your website, and your website content should be optimized accordingly. Visitors are the main consumers and a site’s content must be created based on their needs and search criteria rather than focusing just on the technical issues to rank high in search engines, which may not be considered as the best practice.

Our seo guide will help you in optimizing your small and big websites by adopting adequate seo techniques. Here, we have mentioned all the seo techniques, their benefits along with the suitable examples to make our users very clear about every single aspect of seo.

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